The Artist who thinks in century’s

“An artist’s biggest fear, is the white of the canvas staring back at him/her.” (unknown)

The undeniable question is; how do we find the answer? Everyone wants to be known, loved, and remembered. Known for who they are, loved for what they have done, and remembered in history.

Yet to leave a foot print in a world where millions of paths have been paved, proves to be difficult. Walking on the path less traveled by has become harder for the modern day artist, but not impossible. In an age where everything seems contemporary, the golden moment to write history arises. It will not be with that best selling book, that blue-chip gallery event, or that platinum record, but by the hidden morals you encrypt in your work. Everyone loves talent, but like a wolf that senses fear, our society can sense the weak artist. The artist who follows the mainstream, or has no authentic meaning behind their work, lacks vision. Singing songs of partying and painting baskets of fruits are cliche. Doing those things might get you to the doorsteps of recognition, but will you be invited to eat at the table? It is always nice to stay with the current events, but by doing so constantly many will find themselves changing as the events go by, only to linger in the yard and never to enter the comfort of the house.

(Wolf in Sheep’s clothing — ball point pen)

Building a foundation will greatly help. Yet something people often do not realize, is that the actual technical talent of the medium, falls under foundation.

The thing that will make or break any artist, is the vision and their will.

What there is to accomplish in a diverse world is limitless. There are an infinite amount of ways to channel art, so why do people work with the cliché? Why does one invest their time in using their talents in ways that have already been created and discovered?

I, truly believe the main reason many of us stick with the status-quo, is because we lack the knowledge. If anyone were to ask me two years ago, “ Do you think you can make a living with art?” , I would have replied, “ No, not at all.” I was not aware that someone can be a travelling caricature artist, a commissioned portrait drawer, painter, an art director, consultant and more all at the same time. Having been told all my years growing up that art does not pay the bills, or being asked the questing can you make a living, finally caught up to me!

It was time to make the game changing decision, a moment where life as I knew it, unfolded beyond the limits off the horizon.

One night I fell asleep a boy with creative abilities and woke up a man knowing how to utilize them. I believed that all I needed was the talent of drawing, building, and socializing to get by, and for so long it was. Until the void. I knew my art brightened up the days of those around me, yet that was not enough. I needed more! I felt as if all my work was produced on an Etch-a-Sketch, and one little shake would destroy all my life’s work.

On the morning that shifted life’s tides, I pondered on the thought of why do I ask questions. I came up with an answer… greed. We as humans are born with this flaw, and I believe one of life’s biggest obstacle is to rid oneself of greed. To start, it may help knowing the difference of need and want, with and without greed. ( A lesson you must teach yourself )

Once you grasp the concept, you may slowly begin realizing, its not about you, or the smiles, the laughs or the tears, but about inspiration. What we leave behind will not be of use to life if it does not incite change or motivates a soul to create. So our jobs as artist are not to paint the next Mona Lisa, or produce the next hit single, but to create something that would inspire ourselves when we look back centuries from now.

How do we spark such a creation that will last that long?

By letting go of all intentions, and produce what YOU truly believe to be your legacy. By not allowing any voice, but your own to be the one to guide your actions. By understanding no matter how much you may try, there will always be someone with the short end of the stick and one leaving with gold. By utilizing every given moment, and humbling oneself. Understanding no one is entitled or deserves anything from this world, yet we are worthy of everything.

Think of all before yourself.


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